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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thank You For Your Patience

*Whew* it's been a hectic several days. it may appear like this blog was started and forgotten about, but that simply isn't true. My husband Rob has been actively setting up the new computer around his busy work schedule. And today, for the first time since I drew them on paper, I was able to finish drawing the 12 kawaii animal hybrid characters.

In due time, their character profiles will be up and running, but for now, here is a free treat to say 'thank you' for bearing with me. It's a desktop wallpaper/device background for you - just right-click and save to your computer or tablet.

*It can be resized as per the aspect ratio of your device (most common is 4:3).

The characters seen are:

Zebat and Parrofly having a race in the sky. Pandaroo watching from the distance. Slowan enjoying a dip in the pond, while Froogle and Penguana chat nearby. And Elefox enjoying a tickle from Octomouse as Beever talks to her.

To look at the original 3 character designs, see them on RedBubble here

Thank you, please enjoy your downloaded wallpaper. xoxo, Daryl J.

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