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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Second Coloring Book

Hey everyone,

it feels like I haven't posted here in a long time!

Well, we went on a trip to Punta Cana earlier in January (woo-hoo), and then we all caught a flu bug which kept us down for the count for awhile (not woo-hoo).

Taken by my husband at the Bahia Principe resort

And as the flu bug went away, I began to regain some energy again. And when that happened, I was able to complete a project that was a long time coming... 

The second Zoo'd coloring book:

While the first coloring book focuses on the characters themselves, the second one has more of a focus on where exactly they live, which was a very valid point to raise. Thank you.

Each character has their own home, unique to their animal characteristics, preferences, size, or personality traits. And of course, planet Zurbpod is a small place (like Pluto), which pretty well all fits onto a map.

And this blogpost is not just about 2 coloring books I designed for you (more than 20 fun pages, including activities)...

It's also about how you can help these animals grow and flourish, by showing love for them at Patreon. When you show your love, you will get a 40% off coupon that you can use to get a discount on both coloring books, and then have hours' of enjoyment. Everyone of all ages loves coloring 😊😙

Thank you for being here with me today, and I sincerely hope you decide to take advantage of the discount, in exchange for supporting the growth of these fun sweeties. 

Daryl J.

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