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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Happy First Birthday!

Wow guys!

Isn't it hard to believe that, at least 3 of our Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends, are already a year old today? 

On June 19, 2017 - shortly before the end of the #Kawaii365 project, I was deciding what to draw for the day's project. I had already been thinking of some potential hybrids between various animals, and doodled these first 3 characters of the series:

Unicat seems to have stayed pretty well the same (yes, I *am already aware of UniKitty from the Lego movie, as well as the Caticorn design on drinkware - it's a free world and we're all designers with similar thoughts). 

Dogosaur got a much bigger head and different face... being part Stegosaurus, he seemed like he needed red eyes. 

And Rabbird might be the most significant change, as here, I had her shaped like a potato with no legs, hahaha! Not sure how I planned to get around that one!


Here is a closer-up picture of the original sketches:

Since June 19 last year, these guys have come a long way - 9 more were created, and they have their own blog (here), a facebook group, merchandise, a Patreon page, two coloring books, a Buzzfeed Quiz, and soon-to-be web comic! 

Also, Rob & I will be voicing them later on, as we move toward possible animation. These cute/weird animals have become an integral part of daily life :)

Look at the subtle changes in each one nowadays. They've come a long way, and they're going further!


Another interesting thing about June 19, is that it's also the birthday of one of my best and longest-running friends, Sabrina! (✿◠‿◠)  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


To celebrate the 'birthday' of the Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends, please enjoy sharing this kawaii birthday card I animated!

Thursday, 7 June 2018

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Happy National Chocolate Ice Cream Day!

See the source image

Today is Elefox's very favorite day of the year, since he indulges in ALL the ice cream his belly can hold! 

Oops, Elefox gets a little messy with his cold chocolate treat!

Celebrate today with a FREE coloring page, matching some of the Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends with their favorite snacks - yum!

To get the entire coloring book, visit

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

What is Patreon

Good question! 

Right now, Patreon is sort of a niche platform, mainly known by specific fans of specific work. For instance, let's look at the a capella group Pentatonix (PTX for short). They rose to fame over the course of several years and bam! Suddenly they are YouTube celebs, with numerous TV appearances, popular song covers and fans around the world... but a big part of how they were able to do this as a career, was because of Patreon.

So, if you're wondering why I'm telling you this, a big part of the very existence of these 12 kawaii animals, depends of pledging from genuine fans. All we ask is $1/month, which you'll hardly notice and certainly won't miss. And in return for your pledge, you'll get a printable coloring sheet drawn by me, and you'll also get a 40% discount to my Etsy shop! Yay :) 

Take a look at the infographic below for an idea...

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If this is something that interests you, please click the red, rectangular button that says 'Become a Patron'. You make my day! 

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Free Coloring Page

Hi everyone, it's a fabulous Tuesday afternoon, warm & sunny outside 🌞😎

And to celebrate our current lack of winter, please enjoy this FREE coloring page from my first Zoo'd coloring book (available on Etsy here).

Please download this image above, and print it. You can enjoy coloring it in over & over :)

Here's a hint of their colors to get you started.

Have a fabulous day everyone!
Daryl J.

Web Comic of Zoo'd

Coming soon!

Monday, 23 April 2018

A Detailed Review of This Popular Tote Bag

Hi everyone, 

how are you doing? 

First of all, if you're one of the people who stopped me to say 'I love your bag' - thank you so much!! And I'm sorry for not being more specific with you on which character is which.

That is why today, I made a slightly awkward (just like introverted me) video to better explain the design. And yes, you can have one too, from the RedBubble shop where I sell them 😍

I admit, the lighting in our condo isn't always great... so here also is a photo from the RedBubble shop, which has a more detailed image of the 9/12 characters pictured:

Clockwise from top: Zebat, Parrofly, Beever, Octomouse, Elefox, Penguana, Froogle, Slowan, and Pandaroo

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Buzzfeed Quiz: Which Zoo'd Character Are You?

There are 12 characters in this series, all created from 2 different animals! For instance, one of the most popular right now is the soft, fluffy and shy Rabbird - a cross between a dove and a bunny!

Each animal hybrid [friend] has a distinct personality all their own! And every fan of this series can relate to at least one of them, if not more.

How will you know what you have in common, and with whom? Just take this Buzzfeed Quiz here to find out!

It's just 7 simple visual questions, in this order: Fave Color, Dream Career, Fave Food, Best Music, Nicest Place, Best Shape and Your Zodiac Sign.

Share your results on the facebook group Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends!

And while you're on our sweet facebook group, please take a moment to guess on this poll:

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