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Friday 23 April 2021

What is your Zoo'd Mood?

 Hi everyone!

The "animals" & I are curious to know.... what's your mood today?  

We're happy to show you ours....

Thursday 25 February 2021

Today is my Birthday!

 Hi everybody!

So I'm 33 today... it feels kind of surreal.  This is my first actual "Covid birthday" - the pandemic really hit our neck of the woods about 3 weeks after my last birthday.... I was able to get my nails done and then meet my husband for lunch. 

This year it's different... but in lighter news, I have a day off work.  I can do anything I want today, from baking yummy cookies to enjoying a hot bubble bath and at-home spa day! 

I really enjoyed drawing the above image the other day, starting with awkward pencil ovals, and next thing I knew, it was already inked and I was doing the best part - coloring it in!  (Especially the candles!)

See the closeup artwork video on Instagram

And for a gift this year, the "animals" and I would really appreciate some new Patrons:

Thank you, and hope you are having a lovely day!  And here's to an awesome weekend!


Daryl J.

Thursday 4 February 2021

We Have a New Website!

 Hello lovely Zoo'd fans.... 

If you've been watching our Patreon page, then you may already be aware that the "animals" & I have had a goal of funding a real website, for the last couple of years now...

Well, with the support of a super-star Patron named Franz, we've been able to achieve that goal! 

What a fantastic way to bring in 2021! 🎉

Without further ado, let's watch this video which showcases the website:

Sunday 13 December 2020

Two Years Since Their Musical Christmas Debut

 Wow, it's pretty hard to believe that it was already a couple of years ago that their first-ever "singing" video came out.  And making this moment even more special, was that their song was a very unique Christmas carol!

See the original post here

I was slightly nervous, as my hubby Rob & I embarked on voicing these animals (my "babies!") for the first time.  But it was sure a LOT of fun to put together this project... I still recall a really nice compliment from a waitress a couple years ago when I was drawing the "Pandaroo scene" in a restaurant 😁

Here are some pictures from the project:

Do you recognize the characters??  Take another listen to this video to find out:


Wednesday 11 November 2020

Halloween is over, but....

 As usual, one of the most awesome times of the year comes & goes, and then we all-but forget about it in November.... I'm talking about


Here's a video for everyone who is in love with Halloween:


Anyway, for the past couple of years, these Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends masks have been available on my Etsy shop for you to enjoy: 

I would like to point out that, while Halloween has come & gone for 2020, that it's not too late to get yourself one of these (or a few of these, they're affordable!) masks in your favorite "Zoo'd" characters.

Tuesday 22 September 2020

My First Facebook Live

 Hi everyone  ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘

So as you know, the Zoo'd "animals" have their own Patreon page, and for the very first time ever, I did a facebook live video about some items we have up for bid. 

To make it easier, I'll start by showing the items for you to have a look at them...

And now here is the video (from my facebook)

Thank you for your continuous support of the Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends - enjoy!

Friday 14 August 2020

Now available as a jigsaw puzzle!

 Hello there... are you looking for something fun to do?

How about a Zoo'd Animal Hybrid Friends jigsaw puzzle?  That does sound fun!

Now available on my RedBubble shop (you can choose between 30 to 1,000 pieces)!

It's a neat little way to pass the time, as well as a great gift idea!  

Also, there are others I designed (with my love of Japanese culture) for your entertainment as well:

All of these puzzles are available at

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