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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

All Ready for Halloween


Muahahaha! Did I scare you?

Okay, I'm getting carried away. I just wanted to tune in and tell you that all 12 of the animal hybrid friends are ready for some spooky fun and candy, now that they're in their costumes!

Let's have a look...

Beever is a clown! Maybe Pennywise inspired him?

Dogosaur is channeling his inner Frankenstein; and some lightning. 

Elefox is a zombie... will he dance The Thriller?

Froogle is absolutely mummified!

Octomouse may be cute, but it's unsafe to cross a witch!

Poor Pandaroo... he got stuck as a pumpkin. At least he's cuddly.

Parrofly, you're looking simply devilish!

And Penguana makes a cool lil' sea monster!

WoOOoOOOooo - Rabbird floats and glows as a ghost.

Slowan shows us his skeleton!

Hooowwwl! Unicat switches species and becomes a werewolf.

How fitting! Already a bat, and now Zebat's a vampire too!

Did you guess their costumes correctly? Were any too obvious?
Which one is your favorite?

In other news...

To keep these animals nourished and growing every day, I have a Patreon page where you can keep them alive by pledging monthly. All we ask is for $1/month - when enough people do it, then it's really helpful. Thank you.

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