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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Getting Some Interesting Looks

Hello friends!

How are you this fine November day?

I'm pretty okay, thanks. Soon, I'll be making lists for holiday cards and Christmas shopping.

Today, I'm meeting with some neighbors to discuss a Christmas potluck dinner in our condo, and we've already bought a few small gifts for others.

On Saturday, there's a tree-lighting ceremony here in Red Deer, and then on the following Sunday, Rob & I are attending a Christmas breakfast!

Now I'm craving egg nog & sugar cookies - are you?


Anyway, as you know, I recently ordered a tote bag from RedBubble, with my own characters on it. There are few words to describe how cool that felt, as an artist.

Well, I've been wearing it, and using it for my fluffy winter accessories, for about a month now.

And it's sure getting some interesting looks from people, as well as comments and compliments (I separated those two, because not all the comments were compliments, lol). 

Here is a better close-up of it:

Anyway, I see the last post before today's, was before Halloween! Wow. Although we're going into a busy time with Christmas holidays around the corner, I'm still finding time to create more Zoo'd stuff for fans!

It was pointed out to me that these characters live together on Planet Zurbpod, but where do they live on the planet? Good question. So I got busy brainstorming and came up with 12 unique 'houses' for them. The drawings are still underway, and I only have one more to do: 

It's the proverbial 'best saved for last', because it's going to be a castle made of candy! 

Any guesses of who lives in it?

Correct guesses will get you a free coloring sheet! 


Check us out on Patreon for more info about Zoo'd characters, and to snag a monthly coloring page with a pledge of $1. 

Also, I'm still practicing for the voicing video. It will be a lot of fun to share how each animal hybrid will sound 😊

Cheers! xoxo
Daryl J.

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